Wall Vinyl

'What Boy's Are Made Of"
measurements- 35"x18"
solid color-$40    multi-colored-$45
"What Girls Are Made Of"
Solid Color-$40     multi-colored-$45
"Our Little All-Star"
Measurements- 35"x13"
Solid Color-$38    multi-colored-$43
Measurements- 33"x 10"
Solid Color-$30    multi-colored-$35
"Reach for the Moon"
Measurements- Moon-18"x 15"
                       -Saying- 20"x 12"
                                        -Stars- 3-4"x 3-4" (18 stars)
"If The Crown Fits..."
Measurements- 35"x 18" 
Solid Color-$40    multi-colored-$45
Measurements-45"x 18"
Guitar-$45      Guitar with child's Signature-$48

Polka-dots and Rings

Polka-dots ranging from 3" to 8"-$.75 per dot
Rings ranging from 3" to 8"-$.50 per ring


20" Letter Monogram-$25
(Can also be bigger or smaller if needed.)
Wall Monogram 14''x 34" -$25.00
(Can be bigger or smaller if needed.)
Family Wall Monogram-$35
This cute polka-dot mural comes with your child's name (which is 20'' long), and 10 polka-dots measuring from 3'' to 8''.   Name and dots come as separate pieces that you put together. It can also come in any color we have available.